Walt Disney World Gender Reveal!!!

This has been the best day ever.

About 2 weeks ago we went to the OBGYN for my 18 week anatomy scan. I was lucky enough to be able to tell very clearly what the gender of my baby was at that scan, well not me personally but my doctor could. At said appointment, my mom, dad and brother tagged along. I was not allowed under any circumstance to peek at the screen, in fear of seeing the gender before my reveal. No one was allowed to look but my dad, the only one of us capable of keeping a straight face and a secret. At the end of the appointment, the lab tech got the ultrasound picture that clearly showed the gender, wrote out the gender in the margin, and gave it to him for safe keeping. I’ve endured so many rough patches throughout my pregnancy that my parents really wanted to make this special for me, and later for baby. Luckily they only had to keep their plans a secret for a week, though how my mom got through it without knowing the gender is beyond me. It was perfection.

Anyone who knows me at all, even a little bit, knows that I’m a Disney fanatic and that Disney World is where my heart is. Our yearly trip to Disney World happened to be a week after my anatomy scan so my parents decided to save the gender reveal for our Disney trip!

My mom happens to be friends with one of the parks’ Grand Marshalls. She helped make their plan possible. It was arranged for us to meet Princess Tiana and Princess Repunzel at the Fairy Tale Princess Hall in Magic Kingdom on our first day in the parks, a place I had a fast pass for at 6pm so I was confused as to why we were going instead at noon.

After meeting with Tiana and getting my picture taken with her, I moved on to see Repunzel, like any ordinary meet and greet with the princesses. While talking to Repunzel, my dad interrupted, holding a giant Disney bag in the his hand. And when I say giant, I mean the biggest Disney bag offered, completely full and with another giant bag on top of it. It was crazy. He got inbetween Repunzel and I and we both paused our conversation and wrapped one arm around him, thinking he was jumping in on the picture. Instead, he breaks off and says, “actually, today we’re doing my 20 year old daughter’s gender reveal for her baby.” He then takes the bag from behind his back and hands it to me. No one told Repunzel about this beforehand to maintain the secret so her reaction (in character of course, though hardly) seemed genuine and that really added to it.

I really shouldve guessed what was in the bag, but being lost in the moment I had no earthly idea what it could’ve been. I struggled to peel the bags apart, but when my dad and Repunzel ripped the bottom one off, I got a glimpse of a balloon. Not just any balloon, but one of those double mickey mouse balloons that I happen to love SO much. So the bottom bag is off and it takes me a couple of second to see the color of the mickey ears balloon on the inside. But when I do, my face BEAMS because it’s exactly what I was hoping for, A BOY!!!!

We struggled to fully free the balloon for a while and when we finally did we took lots of pictures. That was probably one of the best parts of doing the gender reveal there, having the Disney Photopass Photographers memorialize the enitre thing with the quality that no one’s phones could get and the skill no one in my family has.

This gender reveal was absolutely perfect in every way. I couldn’t have planned it better myself. Not even close. I’m so lucky to have such thoughtful and caring parents who love my baby so much already.


First Blog Post

Pregnancy has not been what I expected. Not one bit. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and that I wasn’t ready, but man. It kicks my butt every single day. It’s exhausting and uncomfortable and sometimes down-right painful, but it’s amazing and sooo exciting all at the same time.

I’m currently 17 weeks, the period where you can’t really do anything to prep for the baby other than do a bunch of reading and eating and workouts. It’s too early to buy anything, which is torture. It’s too early to have a registry completed (which I finished a few weeks ago anyways). There’s just about nothing you can do at this point but just enjoy the ride. Next week is when things really start to pick up. I’ll be finding out what the gender of my baby is (ah!) next week so hopefully after that things can really pick up.

I’ve got a long way to go before I become a mom. A countdown to Christmas has become a countdown to baby. There’s a lot of content out there, a lot of moms sharing their experiences and knowledge and it’s been so helpful for me. It’s a big, wide world of love that I want to be a part of. Sharing all the excitement and love, the crazy experiences you go through during pregnancy and motherhood, are things I can’t wait to do. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the world that I belong to and I look forward to the journey ahead!



Coming Soon: July 24th is the big day… the ultrasound where I find out the gender of my baby!!!!! Beyond exciting. I, however, won’t be finding out what I’m having right away. My family wants to plan my gender reveal so that it’s a surprise for me. I don’t know when it’s happening or what they’re planning, but when it happens you can expect a post  and a video to follow!

Coming Soon (pt 2): I leave for Disney World next week. My family goes once a year, every year and I wasn’t about to miss out just because I’ll be 5 months pregnant. I’ve tried finding posts or articles or anything really with advice, tips or tricks to surviving the 40 square miles that make up Disney World while expecting. I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t about what rides you can ride, nothing at least that I found very helpful. I’ll be doing a post about tips and tricks to surviving Disney World (during the summer no less) while pregnant and CAN’T wait!!! I hope it’s useful to someone. I know I would’ve loved it before my trip.